Bullion and Graphite:  You will notice that the prices change on them.  I try to keep my prices close to or possibly better than the bigger guys out there.  When I buy my silver shot is when the prices will go up or down.  

Sandcasted pours:  For my sandcasted pours I keep the prices the same throughout.  They are 34.00 per Troy ounce. Each pour will be different in weight that is why there is a variance in the description for the weight.  I base it off the average of the pours.  Some may be heavier than others or lighter.  If there is a big difference in weight (0.5 Troy ounces or more)


For example:  (If it is 0.5 troy ounces under it would be 17.00) I will give the difference in either cash or a credit on the site.  This is up to the person getting the piece. 


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